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Welcome to H-Power!
H-Power Inc was founded in 2010 in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China with the purpose to make alternative energy solutions widely available. We are dedicated to the development and production of solar energy application technology and products such as solar PV connectors, PV junction boxes, PV cables, micro inverters, photovoltaic power generation systems, and other solar connecting products. All of our solar products are internationally-certified.

H-Power Products Widely Used
As an experimental base, we have built a small-scale solar power system with three kilowatts to which we then apply PV connectors, cables and inverters and other customized products you may need for your application.

Our DC branch cable is an integral part of the solar cable system.

Our solar MC4 branch connector, solar parallel connector and micro inverter are used in this solar generation system.

Why Buy From H-Power?
1. Our difference is our attitude and approach. As a leading PV product manufacturer, we work in partnership with you to design and customize the best solutions to meet your needs.
2. Our strength is in our delivery - on time and exactly according to your specifications. Our flexibility and response rates are second to none.
3. Our reputation is based on reliability, quality and excellence in our customer service. We will do whatever it takes to meet the requirements of your project.
4. Our commitment is that you will receive world-class products and services with personalized, local support.

At H-Power, we offer the most competitive and reliable new energy products available.

Company Culture

H-Power's Vision
H-Power is committed to providing complete solar connecting products, developing high-quality and efficient new energy solutions, and creating a one-stop service with excellent user experience.

H-Power's Goals
As a socially-conscious entrepreneur, H-Power aims to give alternative energy solutions widespread and mainstream popularity, actively promoting the use of clean energy by providing solar PV connectors, junction boxes, inverters, fuses, and other photovoltaic products.

Why Solar ?
Solar energy comes to us free of charge! We just need to harness this energy. In doing so, we add value to our property and we help create a future based on clean, renewable energy.

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