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H-Power provides high quality photovoltaic products and reliable technical support for different applications in the solar photovoltaic industry. Each of our PV connectors are manufactured using engineering plastics such as PPO, EPTR, PPE and other materials.
H-Power's PV junction box is used to connect and protect solar modules, conducting current generated by PV modules. The photovoltaic junction box is encased in outdoor engineering materials such as PPO, which is resistant to aging and UV rays and have a service life of 30 or more years in all weather conditions.

This solar PV cable works with solar photovoltaic systems in the communications and broadcast television industries, electrical and meteorology industries, transportation industries such as railways, household electrical appliance industries, and solar power plants. In addition, the photovoltaic cable is also used in desert or coastal areas as it is designed to withstand large temperature differences between day and night and humidity.

H-Power's PV cable assembly series is UV-resistant and durable enough to withstand poor weather conditions. With a user-friendly design, the photovoltaic cable assembly is also sturdy enough to resist being easily pulled apart or disconnected. Custom cable assemblies are available based on customer request. Contact us now!

This compact combiner box is designed to reduce both installation time and material cost. Innovatively making the shortest internal current path possible, the combiner has plastic injected connectors and a 35mm din rail. Unlike traditional solar combiners, you don't need to move panels, measure cables, or strip or route wires. The middle cover keeps live wire from being touched and the transparent cover provides a see-through window for monitoring.

The micro inverter works with 36V/72 cell solar panels, Vmp: 35-39V, Vor: 42-46V.
An IP65 waterproof design and MC4 connector make the solar inverter suitable for outdoor installation.
Built-in communication module supports real-time monitoring.
Double AC output connectors are convenient for connecting cables.
Circuit design, MPPT technology, and imported industrial components make the grid tie inverter more efficient, more stable in performance, and faster.

Our electronic circuit protection products include a DC isolator switch, AC circuit breaker, DC circuit breaker, circuit breaker enclosure, and related accessories. For more information about system circuit protection, please click to view details or contact us.

The solar panel is made of multi-crystal solar cells with an efficiency of over 18%. All of H-Power's rigid solar panels are constructed using a tempered glass front, EVA pottant and PVF backing to provide maximum protection from the most severe environmental conditions. The entire laminate is framed in a heavy duty anodized aluminum frame for structural strength and easy installation, resulting in more wattage per square foot and lower installation costs.

H-Power's cable management systems include cable clips, solar grounding lugs, and crimp terminals, ensuring stable and uniform cable routing and layout. We offer custom solar cable systems as needed. All of our cable management tools meet international standards.

H-Power's universal solar label kit provides labels that meet the specifications for solar panel installation according to the National Electric Code (NEC). Labels are manufactured using ultraviolet (UV)-resistant ink, permanent acrylic adhesive and base material designed to withstand environmental conditions. A laminate is added to the solar warning label kit to provide additional protection against prolonged UV exposure.

Different cross-sections can be used to replace the corresponding 4 or 6 wiring hole special steel blade.
After skinning, wires are smooth without burrs or distortion.
When skinning, insulated wires are fixed firmly by the wire clamp.
For repeat operations, an adjustable length locator guarantees the same length of wire.
Clamp will automatically reset when the spring resets. Metal clamp is light and durable.