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Cable Management System

H-Power's cable management systems include cable clips, solar grounding lugs, and crimp terminals, ensuring stable and uniform cable routing and layout. We offer custom solar cable systems as needed. All of our cable management tools meet international standards.

Our cable clips are versatile cable clamps with a compression structure. The solar cable clips can clamp 4.0-6.0mm² of solar cables and common cables with a diameter of Ø5.0 - Ø7.6mm. The clamps also bundle single or multiple cables, for a more beautiful appearance and cleaner layout in PV cabling engineering projects.

H-Power's solar grounding lugs are designed for use on conduit grounding bushings for solar installations. The open-faced design of the solar PV grounding lug allows the installer to quickly "lay in" the grounding conductor as a jumper to multiple conduits with no break in the ground conductor. Contact us for more details on our lay-in-lugs!

We are the top choice for many electrical contractors and OEMs who use our extensive selection of ring terminals, crimp terminals, spade connectors, butt connectors, heat shrink terminals and other wire terminals - all at great industry prices!

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