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Electronic Circuit Protection

    1. DC Isolator Switch, SISO

      The SISO isolation switch can meet any electrical isolation requirements when repairing, and testing electrical solar products.

Our electronic circuit protection products include a DC isolator switch, AC circuit breaker, DC circuit breaker, circuit breaker enclosure, and related accessories. For more information about system circuit protection, please click to view details or contact us.

Our DC isolator switch is newly designed for efficient and safe circuit isolation protection. The SISO isolation switch can meet any electrical isolation requirements when repairing, maintaining, installing, and testing electrical solar products.
Diversified wiring
Small size, beautiful appearance
Poles:3P, 4P
Rated voltage: DC1000V, DC1200V

H-Power's DZ47-63 AC circuit breaker complies with IEC60898 and GB10963 standards. Suitable for applications with AC 50HZ or 60HZ, 400V or less rated voltage, and 63A or less rated current, the miniature circuit breaker is used for overload and short circuit protection in lighting, power systems, and appliances and equipment in homes, office buildings, and other commercial buildings. The mini circuit breaker can also be used for infrequent on-off circuits and conversion.

The SL7 DC circuit breaker is a PV-specific DC protection system with a rated working voltage as high as DC 1200V. The solar DC circuit breaker uses a special arcing and limiting system, so that the fault current from the DC distribution system can be quickly turned off. This protects the photovoltaic modules and prevents AV feedback current caused by high DC reverse currents and inverter failures so the solar power system operates reliably.

The SCB56 series of circuit breaker enclosures includes an IP66 waterproof box that is an important component of the solar electrical system. We have developed a 4-loop waterproof box and 8-loop waterproof box to meet the needs of different applications. This weatherproof circuit breaker has a cover, bottom, and accessible cable port and can load guide rail breakers. An indicator displays real-time monitoring, and AC or DC input is available.

H-Power's fuse protects against circuit overload in solar (PV) power generation systems. The solar fuse has a rated voltage of 1000V and rated current ranging from 1A to 30A.
The PV fuse has Ф10*38 dimensions with an interior cross-section conductor made of silver or pure copper. This electronic circuit protection system comes packaged in temperature-resistant ceramic tubes, filled with silica quartz sand to reduce conductivity.

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