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Waterproof Box

SCB56 Series IP66 Waterproof Box

The SCB56 series of circuit breaker enclosures includes an IP66 waterproof box that is an important component of the solar electrical system. We have developed a 4-loop waterproof box and 8-loop waterproof box to meet the needs of different applications. This weatherproof circuit breaker has a cover, bottom, and accessible cable port and can load guide rail breakers. An indicator displays real-time monitoring, and AC or DC input is available.

Electrical technical parameters
Product name Mould Poles Width
SCB56-1N MCB 1 4
SCB56-2N MCB 2 4
SCB56-3N MCB 3 4
SCB56-4N MCB 4 4
SCB56-5N MCB 5 8
SCB56-6N MCB 6 8
SCB56-7N MCB 7 8
SCB56-8N MCB 8 8


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