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AC Circuit Breaker

DZ47-63 Miniature Circuit Breaker

H-Power's DZ47-63 AC circuit breaker complies with IEC60898 and GB10963 standards. Suitable for applications with AC 50HZ or 60HZ, 400V or less rated voltage, and 63A or less rated current, the miniature circuit breaker is used for overload and short circuit protection in lighting, power systems, and appliances and equipment in homes, office buildings, and other commercial buildings. The mini circuit breaker can also be used for infrequent on-off circuits and conversion. The AC breaker has a high breaking capacity and a small size--only 18mm in width. It can cut live wires and neutral wires at the same time, preventing the chance of fire, and is the best distribution protection switch for residential areas.

Technical parameters
1. Rated current ln: 1A, 3A, 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A
2. Poles: single, two, three, four
3. Instantaneous trip form of circuit breaker: C (5~10ln), D (10~16ln)
4. Electrical life: 4,000+ times
5. Mechanical life: 10,000+ times

Rated Service Breaking Capacity
Rated current (A) Poles Voltage (v) Make-Break capacity (A)
C1-C40 1 230/400 4000
C50-C63 1 230/400 3000
C1-C40 2 , 3 , 4 400 4000
C50-C63 2 , 3, 4 400 3000
DZ47-100H High-Breaking Miniature Circuit Breaker

The DZ47-100H high-breaking miniature circuit breaker is used for the protection of short circuits and overload in motor and lighting systems that have AC 50Hz, single-pole 230 / 240V, dipole 230 / 400V, and three and four pole 400V wire. This AC circuit breaker features a lightweight structure, excellent and reliable performance, high breaking capacity, long service life, quick tripping, rail mounting, and housing and components made of fire-retardant and impact-resistant plastic. It can also be used for infrequent circuit make-break operations under normal conditions.

Technical parameters
1. Poles of AC breaker: single, two, three, four.
2. Circuit breaker with embedded mounting (can be mounted on mounting rail).
3. Power frequency withstands voltage: After undergoing heat and humidity-resistant testing, these circuit breakers are proven to withstand 2500V of power frequency for 1 minute without breaking down or losing insulation.
4. Mechanical electrical life: AC circuit breaker has a with mechanical electrical life of 2000+ times and electrical life of 6000+ times.
5. Heat and humidity resistance: 2 types (When the temperature is 55 ℃, relative humidity of 95%).
6. Wiring: Uses band clamp terminals and a fixed cable cross-section up to 50mm2.

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