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Tool Kit

In our solar tool kit, we provide a range of hand tools for installing our solar products.

Crimp Tool

Here is an industrial multi-contact crimp tool for crimping MC3/MC4.

Male and Female Solar Contacts.
To crimp 14-10AWG pins (2.5-6.0mm2)

Strip Tool

1. Different cross-sections can be used to replace the corresponding 4 or 6 wiring hole special steel blade.
2. After skinning, wires are smooth without burrs or distortion.
3. When skinning, insulated wires are fixed firmly by the wire clamp.
4. For repeat operations, an adjustable length locator guarantees the same length of wire.
5. Clamp will automatically reset when the spring resets. Metal clamp is light and durable.

Tightening Tool

Cable connector wrench tool


Assembly Fixture
Anti-Dust Cap
Sealing Cap Part No. Product Descriptions
CT40-001 FOR Ф4.0mm Male Connector
CT40-002 FOR Ф4.0mm Female Connector

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